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Asplan Viak Internet

AVINET is a Norwegian technology company specialized in development of Internet-based spatial-enabled and database driven end-user applications. The company was established in 2001 as an independent subsidiary of the Asplan Viak Group. Our development team consists of skilled and experienced ICT architecture and development professionals with rich experience within the domain of cultural heritage, e-government, e-learning, tourism, planning and environmental management disciplines. The company was established as a spin-off from the EU projects TITAN (FP4) and the Odin Mobile (FP5) which were demonstrating the impact and potential of horizontally integrated e- government services. The company has remained active in international R&D projects through initiatives like the Geoshare project (Interreg IIIB) establishing multi-purpose spatial applications for dissemination of public sector information, North-Sea Cycle Route and North Sea Trail projects (both Interreg IIIB) developing integrated tourism and cultural heritage applications, Balder (NORA) mobile services for cultural heritage and tourism , KNOT (Interreg IIIC) exploring the business models of cultural and natural heritage within tourism, Eurotravel (eContent) mobile services for tourism, EuropeanaLocal (eContentplus) integration of cultural heritage data models from regional and local level across Europe into the Europeana platform and Plan4all (eContentplus) integration of heterogeneous data models and semantic integration of content into a virtual European information space for planning data under the INSPIRE umbrella.

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