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GEOSYSTEMS Polska Sp. z o.o.


GEOSYSTEMS is a remote sensing, photogrammetry and LIS/GIS laboratory and consultancy involved in various types of geographic data processing, spatial analysis and geovisualization established in 1995 in Warsaw, Poland. Its core business remains unchanged and concerns operational geographic imaging, geodata generation, applied geographic modeling, delivering services and products.

The company is the co-producer of the leading solution on the Polish market of car navigation systems (http://www.automapa.pl). This authoring software developed by a cooperating company – Aqurat, Ltd., creates a precise and reliable tool for many popular and professional applications. A great number of AutoMapa® users form a reliable community supporting the development of both data and software via dedicated web portals. In cooperation with other external entity (Indigo, Ltd.) the same geospatial database and mapping engine is applied for the highly popular map web portal Targeo® (http://www.targeo.pl with 2M visitors/month) as well as for several operationally implemented and dedicated GPS/GPSR based monitoring systems.

GEOSYSTEMS carried out several international and domestic R&D projects but its core activity is production-oriented down to Earth business in the following areas of expertise:

  • Satellite and Aerial Image Mapping, Thematic Mapping, Rapid Response Mapping
  • Creation of Digital Terrain Models and 3D features (buildings) Measurement, 3D Geovisualization, Vector Database Updating, Analysis of Raster and Vector Data
  • Car Navigation and GPS Monitoring Systems.

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