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Servisní platforma pro agregaci, zpracování a analýzu územně plánovacích dat měst a regionů

Plan4Business portal now online available

05.02.2014: The plan4business development team has designed and implemented the first operational implementation of the plan4business service platform. There will be two main implementations of the system.

One is for non-expert users enabling browsing the content, viewing the thematic compositions and predefined analysis and core pan-European datasets such as Urban Atlas and Corine Land Cover.

The other implementation is targeted at experts users who are additionally able to create own map compositions, perform own analysis, integrate spatial data into the common data model based on INSPIRE, download certain datasets or use the developed Application Programming Interface (API).

The prototypes are used mainly for testing purposes and no charges will apply. The portal for non-expert users is publicly available. Your feedback is appreciated. Please stay tuned and follow this website for further details.

Or look at the portal on http://www.whatstheplan.eu/.

Another operational implementation of the plan4Business platform is the polish tender search engine http://www.askwhere.eu / http://www.askwhere.com.pl.

Plan4Business Final Conference

07.05.2014: The final conference of the plan4business project took place on 14th March 2014 in Dublin, Ireland, hosted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (R.I.C.S.) at the Headquarters of the Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland (S.C.S.I.), represented by Tony Mulhall, Associate Director of the LandProfessional Group.

High-level contributions supported a lively discussion with the audience. In the first part of the conference, the achievements of the plan4business project were presented: its business solutions, an online demonstration of the features and services of whatstheplan.eu platform, the added value and challenges.


plan4business Questionnaire

08.04.2014: The plan4business team has designed and implemented the operational plan4business service platform that is available at http://www.whatstheplan.eu.

The feedback on the platform is going on. First results show a high percentage of satisfaction, but also very constructive remarks and questions related to the platform. Please continue to give your feedback through this questionnaire, so we can continuously update the quality of the services and data! Many thanks in advance.