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Skyline Oslo

The Data Pool

Types of data that the plan4business.eu platform will allow to aggregate include:

  • Urban and regional planning data from different countries, e.g. in ALKIS, DXF/DWG, Shapefile, CityGML, XPlanGML format or in other GML application schemas
  • Land use data including GMES Urban Atlas data
  • Open Street Map data as representative of traffic and as a key reference dataset
  • Natura 2000 data as information about potential restriction coming from environment protection
  • Market information (number of properties, content, etc. and transactions (sale, rental), their number, content, areas of distribution, price levels)
  • Social and economic data (CSP, Eurostat data)
  • Individual property data (legal status, current use, resources, construction data) and cadastral parcels data, including property types