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The plan4business Platform

Core Aspects

The core aspects of the plan4business platform are:

Aspect plan4business summary
Data types in the pool Urban and regional planning data, basic geodata such as transport networks, geostatistical data, land use
Similar pools Only national or regional available, with limited online services, such as simple searching
Pool size (end of the project) 25% of valid spatial plans in Europe, accessible without legislative restrictions
Curation cost change and monitoring Improvement of Integration and Harmonisation Engines in project and pool of integrated data lowers effort
Main technical innovations Collaborative integration and automated data harmonisation tools, analytical processing and conversion engines
Services offered on the pool Integration/Conversion, Data Management (Versioning, History), Analysis, Processing, Simulation and Visualisation
API or Services APIs will be offered as well as applications.
User sophistication Professional technical and non-technical users
Owner of the data pool Original data providers; licensing concept is in preparation for this purpose.

Platform Schema

The plan4business platform consists of several technical components, grouped into three layers. The first layer contains human-machine interfaces, specifically for planning data management, integration and conversion as well as for accessing the analytical functions of the platform. The second layer provides two groups of processing engines, again for integration and harmonisation on the one hand and for analytical processing on the other hand. In addition, this layer provides the plan4business API, which is utilised by AVINET for their own portal solution, which enables their clients the access to pan-European data. The final layer is a storage layer, which contains a storage manager as well as two different data bases, each optimized for different goals.

Platform schema

Figure: Plan4Business Platform Schema