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  • WCCA 2014 - World Congress on Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources
    San José, Costa Rica

    The WCCA Congress will provide a forum for agriculture related professionals to exchange information on applications and developments in the use of Information Technologies. It will cover a wide array of topics. These include new applications of well established and understood technologies to innovative and entrepreneurial applications of emerging technologies, in addition to issues related to policy and knowledge dissemination.
  • INSPIRE Conference
    Aalborg, Denmark

    Exchange of experience with the INSPIRE Directive implementation and future perspectives.
  • International Conference on Cartography & GIS
    Riviera, Bulgaria

    Latest achievements in cartography and GIS.
  • Norwegian Planning Data Forum
    Oslo, Norway

    Presentation of INSPIRE harmonization of planning data in respect of the Norwegian SOSI standard and results from Plan4Business.
  • IST Africa
    Mauritius, Mauritius

    A conference focused on Information Society and ICT Policy Dialogues, International Development and Research Cooperation and Community Building, each conference brings together senior representatives of leading public, private, education and research organisations from 50 countries to discuss policy, share insight and identify collaboration opportunities.
  • European Data Forum 2014
    Athens, Greece

    The EDF is the annual meeting-point for data practitioners from industry, research, the public-sector and community initiatives, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the emerging Data Economy in Europe.
  • Plan4Business Final Conference
    Dublin 2, Ireland

    A service platform for aggregation, processing and analysis of urban and regional planning data
  • Linking Geospatial Data
    London, United Kingdom

    On behalf of the Smart Open Data project, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), in partnership with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and the OGC GeoSPARQL Standards Working Group, the UK Government Linked Data Working Group, Google and Ordnance Survey, invite you to share your experiences, successes and frustrations in using GI.
  • Cities of Tomorrow
    Brussels, Belgium

    Plan4business was presented as best practice of urban solution at the European Commission event, hosted as a main forum and a series of side events debating how Member States and EU institutions should work together to ensure that cities play their full role in European development – and that their needs are fully reflected in policy thinking. "CiTIEs: Cities of Tomorrow: Investing in Europe" was providing a forum to shape a debate that matters to all of us.
  • Regional geomatic seminar
    Kristiansand, Norway

    Seminar for urban planners and geomatic experts in southern Norway
  • H2020 Info Day: Innovation and Public Sector
    Brussels, Belgium

    Information Day presenting ICT-enabled Public Sector Innovation in the new EU framework programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020.
  • 1st Workshop of NTIS
    Plzen, Czech Republic

    1st Workshop of the European Centre of Excellence, New Technologies for the Information Society.
  • Information and networking days - H2020 Work Programme 2014-2015, Connecting Europe Facility
    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Networking action focused on big data research, innovation and take-up.
  • STATUS Conference
    Schwechat / Vienna, Australia

    Project Conference STATUS
  • Centralab & Open Data
    Prague, Czech Republic

    Czech Workshop focused on the results of the European project CentraLab and other initiatives such as plan4business, SDI4Apps, Open Transport Network and Smart Open Data.
  • European Workshop
    Brussels, Belgium

  • Inspirujme se
    Bratislava, Slovakia

    Czech and Slovak INSPIRE Conference.
  • ICT 2013 - Create, Connect, Grow
    Vilnius, Lithuania

    A conference organised by the European Commission in partnership with the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU.
  • GEPRO & ATLAS - Setkání uživatelů 2013
    Prague, Czech Republic

    User conference of the GEPRO & ATLAS firms.
  • International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems
    Neusiedl am See, Austria

    ISESS is a conference series organized on behalf of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), WG 5.11 “Computers and Environment”. In odd-numbered years, ISESS is held as a conference with a complete range of topics related to Environmental Information Systems (EIS) and related topics. In even-numbered years ISESS is held as a workshop of International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (IEMSS) with the focus being on a specific topic. The 2013 conference is organised by the Austrian Institute of Technology in cooperation with IFIP, the European Commission and the European Environment Agency. The conference will be held on October 9-11, 2013, in Hotel Wende, Neusiedl am See (close to Vienna), Austria. ISESS 2013 Proceedings will be published in electronic form in the series IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology of Springer and is included to SCOPUS.
  • INTERGEO 2013
    Essen, Germany

    INTERGEO is the world's leading conference trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. With over half a million event website users and more than 16,000 visitors from 80 countries at INTERGEO itself, it is one of the key platforms for industry dialogue. INTERGEO covers a wide variety of fields, ranging from surveying, geoinformation, remote sensing and photogrammetry to complementary solutions and technologies.
  • EXPO REAL 2013
    Munich, Germany

    16th International Trade Fair for Property and Investment
  • FOSS4G Nottingham
    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    The annual gathering of Open Source Geospatial Developers, Users and Leaders.
  • Plan4business Workshop in Pilsen
    Pilsen, Czech Republic

    Plan4business Workshop within the frame of the 20th Cartographic Conference in Pilsen
  • INSPIRE Conference 2013
    Florence, Italy

    As much as the Renaissance movement profoundly affected European intellectual life, its influence felt in art, literature, politics, science, religion, etc., so is INSPIRE influencing the way in which information for managing our planet can be shared and served. Alike the Renaissance movement, INSPIRE is slowly, but steadily spreading over Europe and beyond, with on the way, its principles being debated and implemented. The aim of this year's INSPIRE Conference is therefore to take stock of this progress. To further exchange views and experiences on how INSPIRE is meeting past and emerging challenges and needs. To identify new opportunities and to finally, reflect collectively on how INSPIRE can further evolve to maximise its benefits for society.
  • UDMS
    London, United Kingdom

    Urban Data Management Society
  • Územní plánování a GIS (Spatial Planning and GIS), Bítov 2013
    Bítov, Czech Republic

    National seminar about spatial planning and GIS organised by the Czech Association for Geoinformation from the Czech Republic.
  • Geoinformation in public administration 2013 / Geoinformace ve veřejné správě 2013
    Prague, Czech Republic

    A national conference in the Czech Republic organised by the Czech Association for Geoinformation (CAGI).
  • REAL CORP 2013 - Planning Times Workshop
    00185 Roma, Italy

    plan4business Workshop during CORP Conference "Planning Times"
  • GI2013 - Forum
    Dresden, Germany

    GeoINSPIRE'd X-border-Interoperability for Digital Europe 2020
    Hannover, Germany

    With its clear focus on core technologies and services that enable industrial production, innovation and efficiency, HANNOVER MESSE is valued by companies and organizations around the globe as the world's premier industrial technology showcase.
  • MIPIM 2013
    Cannes, France

    The international real estate show for professionals
  • plan4business Customer Workshop
    London SW1 3AD, United Kingdom

    The goal of the plan4business Customer Workshop is to present the project and to foster collaboration with the stakeholders.
  • Symposium GIS Ostrava 2013
    Ostrava, Czech Republic

    Geoinformatics for City Transformations
  • Inspirujme se ...
    Praha - Průhonice, Czech Republic

    National INSPIRE conference and Slovakian INSPIRE INFO DAY
  • INTERGEO 2012
    Hannover, Germany

    INTERGEO is the world's leading conference trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management.
  • Geomatics in projects
    Kozel Castle, Czech Republic

    A conference organised by UWB. The scope of the English section is on the research and scientific topics in the field of geomatics; mainly in the context of European projects.
  • World Urban Forum 6
    NAPLES, Italy

    Project Presentation by ISOCARP at the World Urban Forum Conference, a preeminence conference bringing together government ministers, mayors, diplomats, grassroots women's organizations, youth and slum dwellers groups, planners, engineers and architects, academics, and the private sector as partners working for better cities.
  • INSPIRE Conference 2012
    Istanbul, Turkey

    With the introduction of the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2, the policy landscape for sharing environmental information has changed drastically. The Commission Communication on the Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS 2008) and follow-up activities at national and European levels have further helped to cultivate a new vision for a coordinated framework for the implementation and monitoring of environmental policies. The governance, content, and supporting technologies are the three pillars with which this vision can be consolidated and implemented. The aim of this year's INSPIRE Conference is therefore to look at how innovations in these three areas have further shaped the landscape of sharing environmental information.
  • European Data Forum (EDF)
    DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

    The European Data Forum (EDF) 2012 is a meeting place for industry, research, policymakers and community initiatives to discuss the challenges of Big Data and the emerging Data Economy and to develop suitable action plans for addressing these challenges. Of special focus for the EDF are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), since they are driving innovation and competition in many data-driven economic sectors. The range of topics discussed at the European Data Forum ranges from novel data-driven business models (e.g. data clearing houses), and technological innovations (e.g. Linked Data Web) to societal aspects (e.g. open governmental data as well as data privacy and security).
    Prague, Czech Republic

    FOSS4G-CEE & Geoinformatics 2012 is the first local conference focused on Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial in Central and Eastern Europe. This year, it is organized together with traditional Geoinformatics FCE CTU conference in Prague. The conference is intended to move it’s location over the region every year. It should be similar to the global FOSS4G conference, with focus on local regional issues.
  • Workshop Plan4Business
    Schwechat / Vienna, Austria

    Workshop Plan4Business at the CORP Conference