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plan4business Questionnaire

Dear Visitor

the plan4business team has designed and implemented the operational plan4business service platform that is available at http://www.whatstheplan.eu.

We would be pleased if you could provide us your feedback through this questionnaire. Your feedback will be appreciated and will help us for the further platform development.

There are two main apps that are that are accessible without any registration: Location Evaluator and the Thematic Map Viewer.

Location Evaluator

The Location Evaluator is an app for user friendly access to data from various sources including statistical, analytical and cadastral information. User can generate a comprehensive report about a region, a municipality or a point of interest. The Location Evaluator is currently working for all regions in Europe, municipalities in Germany and the Czech Republic and buildings in the Czech Republic.

Thematic Map Viewer

The Thematic Map Viewer is an app for viewing and browsing thematic maps across Europe.

The questionnaire contains three questions about both tools plus an optional feedback field. Let's start with the Location Evaluator.

Question 1 of 6: Do you find the Location Evaluator easy to use?

If not, please let us know your experience and what would make the use easier?