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Business Model

These wide and varied scope of the platform´s end users are granted with the opportunity of taking advantage of simplified and easier access to a comprehensive open data pool in order to increase their effectiveness in everyday practise. Constantly growing, thanks to unique co-operators network, resource of freely accessible data, equipped with a powerful set of discovery, access, edition and analysis tools is called: the Open Data Platform (ODP). All the data in the hub are published as open data. All the tools provided by the ODP are available for free. Any party can access the data pool and make commercial or non-commercial apps based on these data. The use of the data must be in line with data licences provided in line with the conditions given by the data owners or data providers. Particular resources of ODP are accessible only for registered users, but still on non-profit rules. The core features set of ODP is as follows:

  • Open Data Hub
  • Management and harmonising tools: HALE, LayMan, HSRS Geoportal, Metadata Catalogue Micka
  • Open Apps: Open Land Use Map, Thematic Map Viewer

The Open Data Platform is expected to become an important part of future R&D projects, and that´s why its maintenance and development financing is planned to be based on national and European funds. Existence of this kind of platform is in line with the European policy of opening access to public registers, but also is expected to stimulate the European companies competitiveness. It is obvious that this kind of initiatives requires a log-term planning and constant development. That´s why the idea of the Open Data Platform was decided to be initiated during the plan4business project and to be continued with a long time perspective. As a consequence to this approach and the necessity to harmonise non-profit operation with commercial one, it was decided to include the Open Data Platform in the business plan.