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Stakeholder Roles

The platform is designed to be beneficial for several groups of users. On the one hand it offers tools and applications useful for data harmonisation and integration. These features are designed for entities which have their own information resources. On the other hand the platform simplifies and accelerates an access to information needed for other group of users, and provides datasets ready to be used in analytical tools, also being part of the platform.

Most of datasets stored in the platform´s data pool currently, in the beginning of the operational period, was collected and processed by teams delegated by members of the consortium. The goal for operational period will be to limit the workload and increase of efficiency of the process of dataset extension. It may be achieved by convincing of local self-governments for voluntary shearing of spatial planning related data. Introduced before INREGRATOR can be used by data provides as a tool simplifying the data provision and assuring technical and semantic homogeneity of datasets. The most important factor allowing for attraction of self-governments to become the platform partners is the main target group of the platform customers -

Both user groups, partners and customers, will become actors of an innovative business model (BM), so called two-sided platform. This business model assumes building a kind of communication bridge between investors (both private and institutional) looking for locations where they can establish their business, and a local self-governments interested in appealing new investors. Being open for shearing of particular information about a territory of their responsibility authorities simplifies investors research, and have a chance to underline strengths of their territory (See the BM schema below).

Figure: Overall schema of connections between the Plan4Business initiative main actors - the two-sided platform business model type.

This business model allows for a twofold way of building competitive advantage. Firstly - it allows to build unique informational resources. Increase of spatial coverage of the data pool attract new administrative partners to join the network of the platform administrative partners. Secondly - direct cooperation with authorities assures liability of information and systematic update, two features which are necessary to convince customers for using the platform applications in their practice.